Parent Testimonials


Vanessa, Mum to Louis and Leo. 

"Both my boys now attend Redbourn Pre School. My eldest Louis has grown in confidence since being there, I have upped his days as he enjoys it so much. 

The  activities the staff lay out for the children every morning are inviting and great fun, there is something for all. Louis especially loves all the animal figures and my little one Leo loves the home corner. 

Also the garden is amazing, my boys love being outside and being able to go out in any weather as they have a covered area. Staff are so friendly and understanding. Redbourn Pre School is great all round and I highly recommend it "

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Amy, Mum to Elijah.

"My son settled in really quickly at Redbourn Pre School with the help of all the staff there, he really enjoys going and has come along with his speech since starting. 

All of the staff are friendly and helpful.  There are always different toys to play with everyday and also educational play. 

I would highly recommend Redbourn Pre School" 

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Alex, Mum to Ben. 

"My son has been attending Redbourn Pre School for the past 6 months, he absolutely loves it and is so proud to be part of it. 

The team is so welcoming and they all know and have a relationship with all the children that attend, which is so special. 

It's a positive, fun and safe environment, full of very happy children. 

The room itself is large and spacious with plenty of activities on offer. They make great use of the garden daily and of the common for Preschool walks. 

I think my son has really benefited from being there in so many ways, in particular his social skills have really improved. 

we are so lucky to have such a superb facility in our village. "

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Shelley, Mum to Mikey.

"'I've had two children go to redbourn pre school one past and one present and they both developed and grew so much whilst there. My son has eating problems and they have supported us fantastically, even taking on extra training about his condition etc.

His eating has improved since going as he likes snack and lunchtime routines and has had positive food experiences from his peers.

My daughter had speech delay/difficulty and she was chatting away within weeks of starting.

The staff are always friendly and helpful and make themselves available if you want to talk. 

As a parent i wouldn't want my child to start their journey anywhere else. "